Abhinandan Awards 2015

‘Abhinandan Awards’ the annual flagship dealers meet and R&R event is one of the most prestigious events for the brand. It spans a series of 3 days thematic experiences for dealers coming in from various zones across the country. The entire series consists of 18 events catering to dealers from across all zones.

The objective was to come up with an innovative concept that instilled motivation and created an unforgettable experience. Agra, Delhi and Jaipur were chosen as the venue.

The strategy was to create pre hype among the dealers a week before they arrived at the venue and then take them on a experiential journey by planning thematic experiences that were unique and captivating.

We proposed leveraging the ongoing ‘Build Beautiful’ campaign for the brand. A digital campaign was to be woven around #BuildBeautiful to engage them online.

We proposed Braj Ke rang inspired by the unique holi celebration of Mathura and the most beautiful monument Taj as the theme for the first 2 evenings as a precursor to the gala award night on the third day.

A teaser campaign with #BuildBeautiful was initiated a week before via whatsapp or on FB.

The first evening theme ‘Braj ke Rang’ was a thematic rendition of ‘phoolmar holi’ of Mathura.

The second day they woke up to a soulful yoga session followed by engagement activities and a tour of the local heritage monuments. The highlight of the evening was ‘Shaam-e-Kaifiyat’ where The Taj was replicated as the backdrop for a musical qawwali by Nizami Brothers of Rockstar fame.

On the 3rd day, we set up a Haat bazar for the guests to purchase popular local stuff.

The evening saw a grand setup with dealers treated like celebrities. It was a red carpet affair where dealers were interviewed against a media wall. A dedicated click and share selfie wall was created. Top dealers were felicitated with a series of filler acts like illusionist Hasan Rizvi, Acrobatics by Avijit Tinku and an euphoric performance by Jazba Band to wind it up on high note.

  • An immensely successful event with a happy client
  • Bonding with dealers established
  • Dealers left motivated with lifelong memories to cherish
  • The year saw maximum number of participation in the whatsapp Build Beautiful contest

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