Annual Senior Leadership Offsite-2017

EXL created the next-gen Digital Framework and have been evolving the futuristic Digital Organisation.

Those huge strides brought them to their simple, powerful, winning formula: Digital Made Real.

Taking our muse from digital concepts, technologies and capabilities to the real world: The world of customer experience, agile organisations, digital transformation, and…Eventually the bottom line: EXL doesn’t just make it happen, they make it real.

This new digital world is not the exclusive domain of only one team or one division. It is a stream of new ideas and new capabilities that will prove to be a disrupter.

EXL ignites the digital fire at the core of the organisation and this new blaze of light will illuminate our path to the future. Together, we will make it real.

We must embrace new technologies, new thinking, and a new culture: The culture of Digital Made Real.

Nestled amid the glorious Aravalli hills, we chose Fairmont as our venue, an unparalleled blend of opulent, old world charm and the convenience of state-of-the-art modern amenities.

In Jaipur, the city where the hotel is located, we weaved experiences with Indian hospitality at its best keeping in mind the ex pats, visit to bustling local markets and to majestic forts and palaces were made to make this trip memorable.

While in Jaipur between December 17 and December 20, guests were engaged in a variety of activities ranging from formal discussions and presentations to team activities and theme nights.

We ensured that the array of activities and facilities left them with nothing less than a truly memorable experience.

It was an enriching and unforgettable experience at the Senior Leadership Offsite.

  • A highly successful event
  • Inspired the employees and directed them towards the common goal
  • Sense of belongingness strengthened
  • 3 days of rejuvenation
  • The Senior leadership Offsite was highly appreciated

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