It was an exciting opportunity for us to bring the employees and their families closer to the company and instil a sense of belongingness among them. The idea was to make them feel proud and give them a break from their hectic work schedules.

It was not just a family day, It was a time for us to bring an emotion alive. This time we decided to personify a feeling of great happiness and pride. Our TG should meet and experience an emotion called “EUPHORIA” – a state of supreme delight.

We created a vast jungle at the office premise laden with all the excitements and adventures of a dense jungle to be explored.

The jungle was created over the area of more than 14000 square feet; there were more than 40 zones, over 50 activities were conducted on jungle theme and several live jungle characters galvanized the function area.

  • A highly engaging and successful event.
  • Super Charged families.
  • Motivated Employees.
  • Ecstatic performance by the band Euphoria.

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