Concentrix President’s club the most prestigious and coveted event set a benchmark by choosing one of the most exotic locations in the world, taking this year’s experience- up a notch, making it highly aspirational.

Keeping this in mind, we made sure this journey became a memorable and promising one. We weaved touch points at each step of the journey and made it the most memorable, fun filled, inspiring trip for the winners and aspiring for those who couldn’t make it.

Pre hype communication rolled out a month before the journey commenced. We also conducted some teaser branding in the office premises to flaunt this achievement for those who had made it to the club.

A thematic thai welcome awaited the guests at Pattaya in the hotel and their rooms. The two day offsite had sight seeing during the day and thematic celebrations in the evening.

The theme for first day was The royal Orchid’, an exquisite flower typical of Thailand that is rare and beautiful. It has a multiple application in the lives of Thai people. From ornaments to medicinal use to offerings in prayers these are said to have life saving capabilities. We draw a similarity between the proud members of the president’s club and propose a visually attractive and inspiring theme.

For the Gala Dinner we chose the theme ‘The enchanted Kingdom’ A traditional theme that showcases the rich cultural history of Thailand(Siam) is sure to create curiosity among the audience and take them on an enchanting journey into a culture that amazes every now and then through folklores and spectacular mythological references.

The event was a huge success and the guests had a spectacular and memorable time.

  • Unique Thematic experiences
  • Motivated employees
  • Our work was appreciated by the senior management
  • Led us to winning many more projects
  • The annual offsite became highly aspirational

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