AboutCRI Events

a short and sweet backgrounder to our brand ethos, genesis, and vision...

Who We Are

We manufacture grandeur and orchestrate the spectacular. With more than 18 years of presence in the industry, we are the pioneers in creating tailor made event experiences that blend experiential, digital and traditional marketing methods and lead to higher customer engagement and a strong brand identity.

What We Do?

We Raise the Curtain from the tremendous potential that your brand holds by creating fully integrated event experiences that go beyond the obvious. Brand Activations, Engagement and Launch Events or Media Communications. All our projects are rendered in our unique style that is inventive, relevant, effective technology driven and truly experiential.

Our Competencies

Call on us for anything related to corporate events and brand engagements, and we will deliver...

  • Brand Activations Crazy out of the box ideas implemented in iconic style provide the fresh lease of life that your brand is looking for. Brand Activation acquires a new meaning at CRI and that is why our clients hold on to us.
  • Corporate Events Crazy experimentation and new recipes to launch your products and services and make them the talk of the town.
  • Digital Engagements Digital Amplification is at the heart of every campaign today. Instead of baking the same cake in popular flavours we let new ideas create new digital engagement methods.
  • Press Conferences From press conference to press Unconference – Coz press experiences mean much more than just coverage!